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Nexxyo Labs Announces Partnership with Reale Seguros to Explore the Metaverse

Nexxyo Labs, a leading European technology company focused on the development of video games, custom software and blockchain technology, has announced its collaboration with the insurance company Reale Seguros to provide them knowledge related to the Metaverse and the Gaming industry.

In a press release published on March 29th, the insurance company Reale Seguros has made clear its intentions regarding this association. The insurer aims to explore and acquire all the information about the metaverse and gaming to provide its users with new experiences and opportunities in the industry.

Insurance and Metaverse Together

The initiative by these two companies is due to the increasing adoption of the e-sports industry in the Spanish market. Also, a revenue summary published in 2021 showed that e-sports in that particular country reached almost EUR 1.8 billion, and it is expected that by 2024 they could increase those revenues even further.

Director of the Strategy Office and Reale LAB, Patricia Torpedo, has expressed very positive opinions regarding this association. she said,

“From Reale LAB 1828, and in line with the innovation strategy of keeping the Company prepared for the challenges of the future, we believe that this collaboration will give us the possibility to explore and understand the new challenges that the Metaverse and the gaming ecosystem present for the insurance sector, and to understand how to become a valuable player for the agents and users of the sector,”.

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For this reason, considering the revenues of the Spanish market in the e-sports area, it is a great opportunity for the insurance company to explore this sector and link it with its sports subsidiary, Ingood by Reale Seguros, dedicated to insuring sports equipment. That’s why Reale Seguros is looking for innovation in its business to offer new products to its users and at the same time bring value to the gaming community.

Moreover, the Technology company Nexxyo Labs, known for the development of the free-to-play multiplayer action role-playing video game Outer Ring MMO, is also excited to be working closely with Reale Seguros.

Its CEO, Daniel Valdes hints at that excitement in his commentary about this collaboration.

“Our goal is to create an ecosystem of ecosystem of projects that will attract millions of players and use Web3/blockchain technology to Web3/blockchain technology so that they can gain ownership over the digital assets they will acquire in the they will acquire in the various games and metaverses of the ecosystem. The collaboration with Reale insurance will allow us to offer a new layer of security and trust to our users in this new virtual world.”

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