Air Wild Season 2 Collection Sale
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Wilder World Announces Air Wild Season 2 Collection Sale

With the Air Wild season 2 collection dropping on Thursday the 28th of April, Wilder World is revealing the winners from the mintlist raffle. It also issued other details of this collection. Other details in this announcement include the process through which the sale will take place.

Earlier in April, Wilder World partnered with Chad Knight (a 5D artist and designer) to create the Air Wild Season 2 collection. This was the third of the NFT sneakers from the Wilder Kicks Guild. It contains 12 different models and 297 units. With this footwear, users can rock Wiami as they engage in metaverse adventures.

Of the total sneakers, only 269 of them will be available for purchase in the mintlist sale. Of the 28 left, 22 will be for the DAO and 2 will be for giveaways. While 4 will serve for influencer promotion and partnerships

Details of the Air Wild Season 2 Collection Sale

Wilder World is appreciative of the support from users who participated in the Genesis NFT sale. As such, one of the criteria for getting a mintlist spot in the raffle is owning a Genesis NFT. To confirm if you are eligible for the private sale, visit this Google Spreadsheet and check for your smart contract.

Air Wild Season 2 Collection

Example: Wilder X owns 10 genesis assets and submitted them all to the Mintlist raffle. Of their 10 entries, 2 were selected for the Mintlist raffle sale. Whether Wilder X purchases 0, 1, or 2 Air Wilds in the Mintlist raffle sale, they will then only have the ability to purchase 8 Air Wilds in the community Mintlist sale.

The Air Wild Season 2 collection will be open for sale to whitelisted users on Thursday the 28th of April by 6 PM PST. The private sale will continue till the 29th of April at 6 PM PST. Each pair of sneakers will sell for a price of 0.21 $ETH and buyers will have to pay the gas fee. After the mintlist sale, the Air Wild 2 will be available for community sale if there are any kicks left.

This will begin immediately after the close of mintlist sale. More so, it will continue till it sells out the remaining shoes. Furthermore, the raffle-winning entries will not apply to the community sale

To celebrate the launch of the Air Wild Season 2 collection, Wilder world will be doing a Twitter giveaway. Users will have the opportunity to win a pair of AWS2 kicks. This giveaway will run till 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday the 27th of April.

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