Wilder World 2022 Roadmap
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Wilder World Launches Wilder World 2022 Roadmap

Wilder World recently gave details of t of its 2022 Roadmap. This update is a follow up on the first roadmap launched earlier in August. Announcement of the Wilder World 2022 Roadmap was made via the Zine Wilder World Page. Here are the details of this this release.

Details of the Wilder World 2022 Roadmap

The Wilder World 2022 Roadmap contains 3 phases. However, Wilder World focuses more on the Phase 1 of this roadmap. The motto for the Phase 1 of the 2022 Roadmap is Invoking the Wilder Spirit. The blockchain gaming outfit also outlines it plans for the $30 Million USDC funding it received. These plans include giving more life to the Wilder Metaverse.

Wilder World 2022 Roadmap Phases

Below are the three stages of the Wilder World 2022 Roadmap

Invoking the Wilder Spirit (Phase 1)

In this phase, Wilder World will slow down on further developments and focus on building its foundation. This includes a coherent and comprehensive strategy for its collectors. The game will expand the utility of its NFT collections. It aims to make them more rewarding for members of the Wilder Nation.

Still on the Phase 1, there are certain deliverables coming to the Wilder World. This includes Wilder Pets and the AIR WILD Season 2. Within the period of this phase of this roadmap, Wilders will be able to get a pair of AIR WILD kicks. Wilder Moto, a series of 5D metaverse bikes are also coming to the Wilderverse.

Other features coming to Wilder World Game in phase 1 include WWMM v.2, Map of South and Little Meow. Wiami is currently under development. Soon, the game will reveal its first city. Users should begin preparing for possible land sales. Updates of the Wilder Wheels Racing Loop is also coming in the Wilder World 2022 Roadmap Phase 1.

Pioneering the Wild West (Phase 2)

While Phase 1 is about setting the foundation, Phase 2 will be about hyper scaling further game development. This includes metaverse land sales and property development. Emphasis will be on developing the Wiami horizon and expanding the wild frontier.

Into the Wild (Phase 3)

In Phase 3, Wilder will execute its vision to create a fully decentralized and community owned virtual nation. It will also be creating an immersive photorealistic metaverse. By this stage, Wilder Citizens will be able to express themsleve through the use of unique avatars. These avatars will also have decorative assets.

Despite the detailed plans, these phases are subject to change. Especially Phases 2 and 3. Wilder World will be issuing further updates on the deliverables for Phase 2&3.

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