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Metastrike Successfully Closed 3.3 Million Fundraising for Its Strategic and Private Round Funding

Metastrike, a blockchain-based, first-person shooter, role-playing metaverse on UnrealEngine, has announced the successful closure of its strategic and private round funding with a 3.3 million fundraising.

Significant instruments to the success of the fundraising event were the partnerships that the game platform formed with other giants in the gaming industry. Metastrike partnered with some of the top VCs within the industry, such as Jump Capital, Kucoin Labs, and GD10 Ventures.

The backing of the talented teams, a network of influencers, and resources of these organizations offered the required exposure that the game platform needed to boost its community and the public interest.


What’s Next after the Successful Strategic and Private Round Funding

The fundraising event has strengthened the game platform and its economy. According to Metastrike, its in-game economy will be operated on two utility tokens. This is to ensure that the game platform remains robust and stable.

The first native currency of the game is the $MTS token, which is designed to have maximum availability of 565 million tokens. It will serve primarily as the in-game currency, which gamers can use to buy NFTs, metaverse land, stake, participate in different tournaments, and vote on crucial ecosystem issues.

The second utility token is the $MTT. This comes with an uncapped supply and will function as the primary play-to-earn reward token for players. Having the token will enable players to buy consumables, upgrade weapons, and take part in special events.

The $MTT token will feature a burning mechanism where 10% of the burned tokens will be stored for the platform’s weekly prize pool.

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Highlights of the Metastrike Gameplay

Metastrike offers players numerous gameplay features boasting of unmatched FPS-RPG game experience. The game platform combines this gaming experience with numerous mechanisms for earning profits. The goal is to offer both entertainment and earning opportunities to players on the game platform.

Players will have access to different game modes, which offer special rules and settings to avoid repetitive and stale gameplay. Gamers have the opportunity to gather NFT arsenals and upgrade weapons to increase their value and appeal. They can also trade or sell these NFTs on the marketplace as digital assets.

More about Metastrike

Metastrike is a virtual reality FPS/RPG blockchain-based game platform that offers top-tier graphics and gameplay. It features an exceptional equitable P2E economy that rewards gamers for dedication and time spent in improving skills while in the game.

Metastrike game features different digital assets, including weapons, projectiles, and skins, among others.

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