Wilderworld Set to Release New Metaverse Market Enhancement Upgrades
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Wilderworld Set to Release New Metaverse Market Enhancement Upgrades

The Decentralized Immersive Photorealistic 5D Metaverse, Wilderworld, has revealed the various changes it is making to its Wilderworld Metaverse Market. The aim is to enhance the general NFT trading experience.

This will be the first of various upgrades coming up in the coming months and all these will make a significant improvement to the user experience in the WWMM. The team is committed to delivering cutting-edge metaverse systems aimed at building a community that is fully decentralized and owned by the community.

Here are the highlights of the upgrades to the Wilderworld Metaverse Market (WWMM)

Bidding System Upgrade

According to Wilderworld, this is the most exciting upgrade that has been made to the market. The new bidding system will allow the platform to build a couple of features requested by the community. All these features are associated with buying and selling the Wilder World NFTs. Here are the specific updates that users can anticipate:

  • Users will be able to create a “Buy Now” option for some NFTs
  • NFTs owners can set custom asking prices for assets
  • Users interested in placing bids will have the option to cancel bids manually
  • There is a newly designed flow for bid acceptance

Bids placed after the upgrade release will not expire automatically after launch. Bidders must re-add their bids after the launch of the new version.


New Wilderworld Metaverse Market Mintlist Flow

With its new sign-up flow and wizard, third-party services will soon be cut out from the Wilderworld ecosystem. This will ensure the coalition of all features into a harmonious platform for the community.

The platform has also revealed that it will deploy its custom-built wizard on the Wilderworld Metaverse Market to collate information needed from its community. This will automate the process to prevent spammers, bots, and human error during the release of the new collections.

The wizard will offer better management of data validation required for drop sequences, overall better drop experiences for the community, and an improved ability to efficiently communicate with newly signed up members. The result will be a better opportunity for NFTs to be allocated to members that deserve them and not to bots.

Advanced Metadata Editing

Users with an NFT domain in the Wilder Market will have new control sets that impact how others interact with your domain. These control sets include:

  • Domain Bidding
  • Default Domain View
  • Grid View or List View by Default
  • Lock/Unlock Domain
  • Custom Domain Header

These are changes to the front-end of the market but more architectural enhancements to the smart contract systems are currently in the pipeline.

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