Chain Guardians RPG Ecosystem Update
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ChainGuardians Issue Ecosystem Update

ChainGuardians is launching the maiden version of its bi-weekly news. In this edition, it unveils its plans for an ecosystem update. This is part of its plans to increase the transparency of the project and ensure better communication. Going forward, the team will inform the community about upcoming advancements and progress points.

Details of the ChainGuardians Ecosystem Update

The first talking point of the ChainGuardians ecosystem update is the DAO. The community governance was set for launch earlier in 2021. However, the team had to halt proceedings because of the creation of ChainBoost and the inception of Cryptoverse. These initiatives were crucial for the establishment of an autonomous organization. However, the gaming outfit is glad to announce that the official website for this decentralized administration is currently undergoing UX design and architecture.

The Mining 2.0 is still a work in progress. The devs are currently analysing the developmental and logistics necessary for its implication. This initiative is crucial to ensuring better gameplay and an increase in utility and guilds. It will also boost the chances of concrete collaborations and earning opportunities. Users should equally expect a better NFT DeFi experience within the ecosystem.

Speaking of benefits, Solo Mining is still active for NFT holders. However, Pool Mining will remain offline in the meantime. The reason is that the team is currently working on specific unforeseen issues. In addition, they are also releasing top-notch RPG builds to ensure that the backend can support the upgrade to this rewarding feature. These modifications include UI changes, cleaned-up coding, and several branding enhancements. Check the DEV LOG channel on Discord regularly for more updates.

RPG Stage Development,  Lore Expansion and Other Announcements

ChainGuardians RPG Stage Development

To ensure that gameplay is always immersive, there will be a continuous expansion of the ChainGuardians Lore. This elaboration will include a fun dialogue. There are plans to create a storyline featuring four existing worlds:  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. This will include the protagonist and antagonist aspects that connect well to the real world. Before the bi-weekly news launch, the devs had several AMAs.

During these sessions, they revealed that each faction of gameplay would feature its own unique and special effects. Both the outlay of every environment and the adversaries will be different. Besides the specifics, the whole interface will also experience massive boosts. There will be significant advancements to stage design, inventory, combat set-up, and the user interface. The upgrade will offer players a gameplay like never before.

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