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The Sandbox to Give Exclusive Rewards to Avatar Holders

The Sandbox, a virtual gaming metaverse, announces plans to give exclusive access and rewards to Avatar holders in the metaverse. According to the game platform, Avatar holders are special citizens in its metaverse and deserving of exclusive rewards.

Therefore, it is creating a series of special events to reward these avatar owners during the Alpha Season 3 events. Each holder of seven avatar collections will receive a week of exclusive access to a unique experience. All holders will also play and interact with fellow owners. 

Highlights of the Exclusive Access and Rewards

Holders of seven avatar collections will receive exclusive AS3 rewards. They will also have seven experiences within the one-week exclusive access before the event opens to all players. 

Avatar holders that complete a minimum of one quest in the experience during the week will receive guaranteed SAND rewards. After the exclusive period, all players will have access to the experience but will not receive special SAND rewards for their participation. 

the sandbox

How to Become Eligible for Exclusive Access and Rewards in Alpha Season 3

According to the game platform, everyone can become eligible to participate in the program when they buy an avatar from its collections. These collections include:

  • Steve Aoki Avatars
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club Avatars
  • World of Women Galaxy Avatars
  • The Doggies (Snoop Dogg) Avatars
  • World of Women Avatars
  • The People of Crypto Avatars

Highlights of the Avatar Event Schedule

Each avatar collection links with the relevant experience in AS3, and eligible avatar holders have one week of exclusive access before it is available to the public. Holders must note the weeks that apply to their collections so they can log in to play and complete their quests in the relevant experience. 

All a player needs is to own a minimum of one avatar from the collections, explore the experience, and complete at least one quest during the week of exclusive access. After this, they are eligible to earn SAND in their gaming wallet.

What Rewards are available to Avatar Holders?

Users will receive rewards based on the avatar they hold. The highlights of these are enumerated as follows:

  • Steve Aoki Avatars: 60 SAND
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club Avatars: 20 SAND
  • World of Women Galaxy Avatars: 10 SAND
  • World of Women Avatars: 2-times (for that LAND)
  • Snoop Dogg Doggies Avatars: 20 SAND
  • People of Crypto Avatars: A total of 200,000 SAND Reward Pool for all holders

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