Legend of Aria Celador Land Auction
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Legends of Aria Celador Land Auction Set for Septemer 9th

Legends of Aria announced that it would launch the Celador Land for auction. According to the press release, this is to reward early supporters of the project. In other words, the plots up for grabs are situated in the most sought-after housing locations. This sale will take place on the 9th of September by 4:00 EST. However, investors can start bidding on the prices from 8:00 AM EST on the 8th of September.

Speaking of bidding, buyers will have to use their debit or credit cards. Alongside the pricing process, the amount of NFTs to be sold will be published on Thursday. This event will continue till the 23rd of September at 4:00 PM EST. As with regular auctions, the highest bidder will receive the digital assets. However, anyone who declares intent within the final minutes will trigger a 10-minute extension of the sale. As such, the auction will continue till the war ends.

As mentioned earlier, this event will cover the premium spots within Legends of Aria metaverse. While these areas are exquisite, they are not the only available NFTs. As such, there will be upcoming sales in the future. Those who missed out on this opportunity will get a second chance. In addition, interested persons can always reach out to the individual who purchased their favourite NFT and buy from them through the marketplace.

Benefits of Participating in the Legends of Aria Celador Land Auction

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As mentioned earlier, these NFTs to be auctioned within the coming hours are the best. However, every Land within the Aria verse offers multiple benefits to its owners. For one, their avatars will have a resting spot during gameplay. In addition, users can design and decorate these plots to suit their tastes. In addition, they can invite their friends and guild members to hang out here. More importantly, players will have a safe place to store their items. They can also train specific skills and improve their abilities without interference from anyone.

Speaking of the gains, you can farm on your land. You can also place NPC vendors there and convert it to a shop for selling different wares. However, the location of your space determines how much your retail store will make. Recall that this particular event offers the plots in the best sites for sale. The areas up for sale are closer to town, dungeons and the other regions that demand food supply. Participating in this sale will enable you to get properties perfect for shopfronts. These real estates will also have great resell value.

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