Axie Infinity reveals new details of its parts evolution
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Axie Infinity reveals new details of its parts evolution

In an exciting twist for Axie Infinity enthusiasts, the world of Lunacia has seen the realization of a six-year promise: the introduction of evolving parts for the lovable Axies in the Axie Origins setting.

This innovation brings with it a significant change, transforming Axies into dynamic NFTs that can now improve with the dedication and skill of their caretakers.

The essence of this evolution lies in the continuous improvement of the Axies, giving them a strategic advantage in the Combat Arena.

Each Axie will experience an additional +1 HP boost per level and an impressive +2 bonus for each Ascension level achieved, promising to turn the tide of battles to come.

The heart of this transformation lies in the parts themselves: of the 192 available, 42 will benefit from Effect Enhancements, while the remaining 150 will see a Statistical Increase.

These boosts on Axie Infinity promising to bring new strategies and tactics to skilled players

The evolutionary experience of the Axies is not limited only to visual improvements; His power on the battlefield also rises noticeably.

For competitively focused players, evolving their Axies becomes a top priority, offering not only a tactical advantage but also the chance to excel in the competitive Arena climb.

Accompanying this exciting news, an official balance patch has been announced that will roll out on January 3, setting the stage for the next season, Axie Origins Season 7, scheduled to begin in mid-January.

These adjustments have been developed based on data collected during Season 6 and valuable feedback from the community.

Axie Infinity Revolutionizes Gameplay with Parts Evolution and New Balance Patch

Importantly, these changes are not yet active in the game, offering players preparation time during the offseason to theorize and plan strategies to face the upcoming challenges of Season 7.

Axie Infinity is evolving, promising its followers new emotions, strategies and challenges.

Part evolution and the upcoming balance patch bring an exciting future for Lunacia.

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