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Grand Opening of FOTA 2 Open PvP Event – Season 2

Have you prepared for the Ultimate Showdown? If not, brace yourself… A new and more competitive season 2 of Top PvP Racing Season is coming on 10th March 2023 at 9 am UTC

FOTA 2 will begin the new era of eSport for web3 gaming. Perhaps that’s why FOTA is coming up with a new season event after the massive success of the previous Top Racing PvP Event. The event announcement starts with gratitude and a brief sweet note thanking all the FOTA-ers community for their overwhelming support in the last event.

The new Top PvP Racing Season begins on 10th March at 9:00 AM and ends on 24th March at 08:59 AM. 

Essential Guidelines of the Fota 2 Event

Here are all the event details…

Choose your partner

You can choose your opponents with similar rankings to play PvP during the event in the FOTA SEASON interface. 

Free NFTs

Well, not exactly. But you can use heroNFT level 25 for free in the FOTA SEASON. However, there’s an exception for those picked by the opponent or banned heroes. 

fota 2

Unlimited challenges

FOTA SEASON lifts the ban on limited challenges to make the game more interesting. You can now take unlimited challenges per day. 

Prizes for top participants

You will receive great prizes if you’re among the Top 100 participants in FOTA SEASON 2. 

Minimum achievement

During this fourteen-day event, you must achieve a minimum of 100 MMR on the Leaderboard. Remember, 100 MMR is the minimum achievement of Squire I.

Double your win

You can participate in the Golden Time event: Double Down Rank anytime during the event. If you do, all your MMR received during this time gets doubled upon winning a match. Moreover, you can look at the Leaderboard Prizes on the official website of the platform

How will you receive the rewards? 

The admin will send the price directly to your wallet in the OpenBeta version within 7 to 15 days of the event. So it is a no-brainer; you must have a wallet to receive rewards. If you don’t have it, you can create the wallet with the help of these instructions. 

After creating your wallet, you must link it to the Metamask wallet. There are other crucial details mentioned on the official website. So, remember to check them out before the event starts. 

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