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Mech Infinity Announces Mech Update Beta-2

Mech Infinity has announced the launch of mech update beta-2. According to the team, this is the most significant upgrade they have made since launching the game. This version also ushers in full integration of Ronin network into this Axie Infinity side project.

Details of the Mech Infinity Mech Update Beta-2

Besides the Ronin integration, there are significant highlights from the Mech Infinity Mech Update Beta-2. In fact, the introduction of Axies into gameplay is the major talking point. This is part of Sky Mavis plans to properly incorporate Axie Infinity into this game.

For starts, gamers can use their favourite Axies while driving different mechs in the game. This update now allows gamers to select avatars from the web platform and equip them into gameplay. In this regard, players are not limited to preset combinations provided by the system.

Mech Infinity Mech Update Beta-2

This feature is possible because Sky Mavis has created a web portal. Players can connect their wallets to login into this platform. Upon access, users can see all the Axies they own. Furthermore, they can preview how these avatar will appear in the game by clicking the boxes next to the avatar.

Besides the in-game characters, users can also modify their strategies. Thanks to the opportunity above, players can adapt their mechs according to the abilities of their Axies.

Meanwhile, players without avatars can now have access to gameplay. This is because Lunacia is providing “Public Axies” for non-NFT players to enjoy the game for free. However, this is not the regular free to play option where user data is stored off-chain.

Instead, Mech Infinity keeps details of players and their Axies on the Ronin blockchain. This contributes to the user’s mech stats that can be used in gameplay. Nonetheless, these “public Axies” are neutral in every sense. This method ensures that those with improved or upgraded in-game characters.

Other Improvements and Upgrades

Besides incorporating additional features, Mech Infinity also introduced substantial modifications to gameplay. For example, gaming now involves more aesthetically pleasing 2D characters. In addition, the animations are more fun and immersive.

More so, the Blood Moon now does less damage. However, it takes lesser time to take effect. Similarly, Tornado now last for 40% shorter than it normally does. Players must download and install this latest edition to enjoy its features.

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