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Win Exciting Rewards at Week 37 Crabada Arena Challenge

Brace yourselves! The most wonderful week 37 Crabada Arena Challenge is here. It begins on 13th March 2023 and until 19th March 2023. 

Crabada announce their Weekly Challenges after altering some rules or base Arena mechanics to keep it competitive and exciting for all participants! 

As you might have guessed, this weekly challenge has some changes too. Here’s the complete detail of all the changes.

Change in Crabada Level Limit

Now 150 is the maximum level limit for all participants in Arena battles. 

Upgraded Ticket refills

Remember when you had to wait for 4 hours to get an Arena Ticket refill? Well, not anymore! Now Crabada has decreased the refill time to 2 hours. Now you can play more battles than ever! 

Some first-time changes

Out of all the changes, these are some changes Crabada has never done before. Origin Crabada and Genesis Crabada have gained 15% and 25% base stats, respectively, including DMG, HP, and Armor.

The AP tweaks 

Did you ever think while playing, “Dude, this game is too easy!” Crabada has an answer. You can no more earn Arena Points with one successful Defense. But your unsuccessful Defense will indeed deduct some AP. 

Hidden weapon

Crabada has tweaked the game UI a bit. You will see only 2 Crabada in the opponent’s lineup in this Weekly Challenge. 


No more Factional Revenge

The golden days of easy weekly challenges are well over now. The game platform has reversed this week’s Factional Revenge of the Arena Challenge. You can check out the website to find more details about the reversal. 

Formation advantage

This week the Formation Advantage will be normal

Point table

You can split your AP into different tiers. New updates say that Crabada will deduct your Arena Points from an Arena defeat. However, your arena points will not be deducted if you are in a specific tier. 

So these are the tiers:

Copper tier

If your Arena Point or AP is less than 1400, it will not be deducted when defeated. 

Bronze Tier

If your AP is greater or equal to 1400 or less than 1600, 25% of your base AP deduction amount is deducted on a defeat. 

Silver Tier

And if your AP is greater or equal to 1600 or less than 1800, 50% of the base AP deduction amount is deducted on a defeat. 

Gold Tier

If your AP is greater or equal to 1800 or less than 2000, 75% of the base AP deduction is deducted

Diamond Tier

100% of the base AP deduction is deducted if your AP is greater or equal to 2000.

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