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Monsta Infinite Issues Monsta Beginners Guides

Earlier, Monsta Infinite announced plans to expand into a Metaverse. In a bid to achieve this plan, it is launching a number of games alongside Monsta Infinite game. One of such games is the League of Ancients.

With this expansion, new users may find it difficult to find their way around. To curb this problem, it is issuing Monsta Beginners Guides. They include Monsta Infinite Getting Started and Monsta Basics 101. Here are details these guides.

Monsta Beginner Guides for Getting Started.

This first guide is both a welcome note and a beginner’s guide. It helps new members understand what Monsta Infinite is as a game. The guide further teaches new users how to fund their wallets. Asides funding their wallet, it shows new users how to connect their wallets to the game. This is very important, as as players need tokens stored in wallets to play this game. Although the wallet may contain game tokens, it is still an independent wallet. As such, players will need to connect independent wallets to the game.

Monsta also uses the guide to protect new users against fraudsters. It does this by pointing out the official wallet addresses for both MONI and STT. Using this guide, new players will be able to their Metamask, Trust and PancakeSwap wallets. Connecting your wallets to the game makes transactions easier and safer for everyone. Another means Monsta uses to protect new players from scams is by giving them the official links through this guide. Any other link outside of the links mentioned in this guide are fake.

Aside details of the game itself, part of this guide includes Monsta’s future plans. This includes details of the Infiniteverse as well as the Monsta Launchpad. The guide also includes details of the first project on the Monsta Launchpad.

Monsta Basics 101

Monsta Beginners Guides Basics 101

Unlike the Monsta Getting Started Guide, Monsta Basics 101 focuses more on the course of gameplay. This guide discusses Monstas – the in-game characters. It gives insight to the types, ID tags, appearance, class, race, attributes, tradability and transferability of Monstas. Through this guide, players will get insight as to how many times they can clone certain types of Monstas.

Players can also understand how the various attributes of each in-game character affects their performance in the game. Besides the game characters, the guide also outlines the various cards in the game. It points out how Skill, Tactics, Attack, Buff and Rebuff cards all affect the course of gameplay. Monsta Basics 101 also guides players on how to use the marketplace.

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