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Duelist King Second Cards Sale Goes Live

Three months ago, Duelist King rocked the NFT through the first round of card sales. The game also launched its Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering on OccamRazer. In that same October, there was also an art competition. Come the 15th of December, Duelist King will be kicking off the Duelist King NFT Second Cards Sale. This announcement was made via their medium page. Here are the details of this cards sale.

Details of the Duelist King Second Cards Sale

As mentioned earlier, this second round of card sale will start on the 15th of December 2021. In this round, there will be only 20,000 mystery boxes available for sale. DK is promising that this round of sales will feature powerful new cards and amazing designs. The sale will run across twenty-five separate rounds. In each round, there will be 20 different boxes with their unique abilities for sale.

Each mystery box will contain five unique DKT cards, all having different level of rarities. They will give players new cards like no other in the game. This will help respective buyers to have a wide variety f cards in their decks.  Buyers can purchase each of these mystery boxes using $DKT tokens. The drop will employ the use of blockchain technology to ensure transparency and efficiency. It will also ensure that the distribution of cards is effective and efficient.

Reason for Having Multiple Rounds in the Duelist King Second Cards Sale

The Duelist King in house development system will ensure that the distribution of boxes is far. However, the game believes that putting every box for sale at once will not give all buyers equal opportunities. Spreading the sale across twenty-five rounds will further ensure that as many players as possible get a fair chance. This method will also enable more experienced players to power up their decks ahead of the game’s release.

How to partake in the Duelist King Second Card Sale

As mentioned earlier, players can buy mystery boxes using $DKT tokens. Besides Duelist King tokens, buyers can also buy mystery boxes using stablecoins and $BSC tokens. To participate in the card sale, follow the instructions below:

  • Access Duelist King official website and sign in.
  • Log in or sign up to a Duelist King account
  • Click purchase at the top of the website
  • Connect your Metamask wallet and select the number of mystery boxes you want to buy

You can follow this guide on how to partake in the card sale.

About Duelist King Game

Duelist King is a card game that aims to change the way people play cards. It is uses the decentralized autonomous organization model. This model as well as the permissionless ability of blockchain helps in the issuance and distribution of digital assets. Duelist King tokens offer their owners win2earn opportunities, voting power in the DAO governance and staking ability to mint rare NFTs.

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