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Everdome’s Community Spaces Survey Provides Some Interesting Insights


  • Everdome’s Community Spaces survey concludes successfully, marking a significant milestone in its evolution within the Metaverse.
  • The feedback gathered will be crucial in defining future features and functionalities of Spaces, with an emphasis on gamification and mini-games.
  • Everdome appreciates the community’s participation and has offered a prize to a randomly selected member, committing to continued involvement of Metaverse collaborators in the project’s development.

Everdome’s community has successfully completed its Community Spaces survey, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of this Metaverse-focused project. This survey, conducted with the aim of gathering valuable information for planning future developments and improvements, has seen active and detailed participation from Everdome users.

Everdome highlights the importance of community collaboration and feedback in the construction process of its Metaverse-as-a-Service. In this regard, the company is pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of responses received during the week when the opportunity for suggestions was open.

The feedback collected during the survey will be essential to guide the product and development team in planning the release schedule. As well as defining the future features and functionalities of Everdome Spaces. The emphasis placed by respondents on gamification and mini-games. Crucial elements for the future success of Spaces is particularly noteworthy.

Some Everdome’s Users Suggested the Creation of Personalized AI

Additionally, the community has expressed the belief in the necessity of having a variety of room types or Spaces to take this product to the next level. Furthermore, almost 90% of participants expressed their willingness to use Spaces to promote projects they are working on. Underscoring the versatility and potential of this platform.

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During the survey, users have also shared a wide range of suggestions and opinions. From simple ideas such as identifying the most popular Spaces. To more complex proposals such as creating personalized artificial intelligences that inhabit Everdome.

As a token of appreciation for the community’s participation. Everdome has offered a prize to a randomly selected member from all participants. The winner’s name has been posted on Everdome’s official Twitter account.

Given the success of this survey and the value that community collaboration brings. Everdome is committed to continuing to offer opportunities for Metaverse collaborators to shape the project’s development. All interested parties are invited to continue testing, trying, creating, and building together.

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