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Playermon Partners with Enjinstarter to Launch its IDO Launchpad on November 19

Playermon, battle-themed NFT game platform, has announced its partnership with the renowned venture capitalist, Enjinstarter, to launch its IDO on November 19, 2021. Playermon is a novel play-to-earn game platform where players can explore and battle with other players in the metaverse with the space companion, Playermons. 

Players can exchange their earnings in the game for real money in the marketplace. It uses its specialized token, $SGEM, and players can earn these tokens when they complete quests on the game platform. With the IDO Launchpad, participants would be able to get allocation to enable them to participate in the Playermon community and Marketplace. The event is slated to commence at 11:00 AM UTC.

What is Playermon?

Playermon is a play-to-earn game platform that offers players an opportunity to battle and earn in the metaverse. The currency used in the game platform is the $SGEM token and it can be earned in different ways, including completing quests and winning battles. 

It combines earning real money through engaging in different battle scenarios with character evolution in the metaverse to provide an entertaining and play-to-earn platform to users. Its low entry costs also make the game platform a top consideration for many NFTs game players.

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More about the Playermon NFT Game Platform

The Playermon NFT game platform has three phases that players go through while exploring the platform. Each phase has specific requirements and rewards.

  • Evolve: This stage allows players to turn their gameplay experience into something more exciting through the upgrade of their in-game assets and planet space station. They can mine in the cross-planet and expand their NFT collection at the same time.
  • Battle: When players have acquired their Playermons, the next step is to test the competitive spirit of these assets. To do this, they send them to battles to compete with other Playermons in the universe. The battleground uses a matching algorithm that ensures fairness and balance.
  • Earn: As players complete daily quests and battle with others in the universe, they earn in-game $SGEM. They can trade the currency in the marketplace or use it to earn more assets.

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