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MOBOX Announces a New Token Buyback and Burn Program

The world of blockchain-based gaming continues to evolve, and MOBOX holds a leadership position in this space. In a recent announcement, MOBOX unveiled plans to revamp its token repurchase and burn program.

From its inception, MOBOX has always been committed to the development and promotion of the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Over the years, the platform has achieved significant milestones. Among them, the burning of 46,925,433 $MBOX tokens through its old “auto buyback and burn” mechanism.

This approach had been fundamental in its operational structure to boost the growth and vibrancy of its ecosystem.

However, after a careful analysis of historical data and a rigorous examination, MOBOX has come to the conclusion that the existing system no longer aligns with its constantly evolving vision and goals.

As a result, the platform has announced a significant change in its token buyback and burn program.

MOBOX Cares About Its Community

Most notably, this update involves implementing the program on multiple platforms, including Binance (CEX) and PancakeSwap (DEX).

This multi-platform approach provides the flexibility needed to adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring solid and sustainable support for the intrinsic value of its asset.

The strategic allocation of buyback funds will be based on the liquidity present on both platforms, maintaining an optimal balance with a ratio of approximately 6:1 for Binance and PancakeSwap, respectively.

mobox binance burn token

This strategy will ensure that resources are effectively utilized to support the MOBOX ecosystem.

MOBOX is deeply committed to transparency. The platform has set rigorous standards to ensure that buyback funds are managed transparently.

This includes real-time visualization of the buyback balance, accessible both off-chain and on-chain through the official MOBOX website.

Furthermore, they have established a real-time connection between their platform and the Binance account. This connection guarantees the accuracy of the buyback balance on

In addition, to further strengthen their commitment to transparency and the security of buyback funds, MOBOX commits to providing a detailed withdrawal statement of the balance on Binance every 6 months.

This measure will enhance the community’s confidence in fund management and its efficient utilization.

The MOBOX community has always been the driving force behind their success, and the platform expresses profound gratitude for the ongoing support.

The change in the token buyback and burn program represents MOBOX’s commitment to adaptation, evolution, and continuous improvement of the ecosystem’s experience.

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