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Genopets Releases Guide on How to Stake Your Gene Token

Genopets, the first move-to-earn NFT-based RPG game platform, has released a comprehensive guide on staking the Gene Token. Genopets introduced the Gene Token Staking program early in the month.

The staking program offers stakers the opportunity to earn GENE rewards, KI distributions, NFTs, feature access, in-game boosts, and governance voting. To help its community understand the process of staking their Gene tokens,

the game platform has released more details on how to go about the process.

Step-by-step Guide to Stake the Gene Token

Step 1: Navigate to Genopets Staking on the official Mainframe Genopets staking platform.

Step 2: Click on the wallet button to connect your Solana wallet.

Step 3: Ensure you have GENE Token before you proceed. To can use the Jupiter Exchange to add a GENE token to your wallet. All you have to do is swap your preferred token to get the GENE. It is worth mentioning that SPL token swapping for GENE has been built into the staking website to make the process easier for users.


Step 4: Now click on the “Stake GENE” button. On the opened window, you can stake and buy GENE and see the GENE rewards that have been distributed up to date. You can also see the total volume of GENE that are being staked at the moment and the price of each GENE. 

Step 5: Select your preferred lock-up period. You should understand that the volume of GENE you stake and the longer the duration you lock the GENE guarantees higher annual rewards.

Step 6: Select the value of GENE you desire to stake. Suffice to mention that earned GENE staking rewards are locked for one year by default. However, you can withdraw the earnings without a lock as sGENE.

You should know that you can only use the sGENE in-game, but it does not have any protocol-designated liquidity. sGENE or synthetic GENE is only designed for in-game use, and after it is used, it gets burned.

Step 7: Review your vesting progress and pending rewards. This lets you see the summary of your staked GENE, including the amount staked, remaining lockup duration, and pending rewards.

These are the simple steps to follow to stake your GENE. All GENE Tokens staked earn rewards for a specifically allocated reward pool.

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