Level Up Your Game with the Latest Update of Sidus NFT Heroes
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Level Up Your Game with the Latest Update of Sidus NFT Heroes

Minor updates to Sidus NFT Heroes are being added as their team works on the Nidum Arena remaster. The purpose of this update is to refresh the current game while major new features are in development.

So, here is everything that you need to know about the Ver. 0.2.22 Patch.

Modules Are Easier to Navigate Now

The left side of the screen now shows information about each game module again. The information block is larger, but you can collapse it by clicking the arrow. Hover over the text to see a full description of a module. This makes it easier to navigate between different parts of the game.

Check Urakas Seeds Carefully

Many players have Urakas seeds and some are confused about “Dodge Boost” when dodging is not currently part of gameplay. So, the description now reads:

“Dodge Boost (functionality patched out and will be defined in future updates)”.

This avoids confusion since the old description was:

“Dodge Boost (prior to battle)”. Double-check your Urakas seeds and other items to understand the current effects.

Modules Are Easier to Navigate Now

Fair Turns Stay in the Queue

Turn order matters and needs to stay fair. So, when Heroes have equal Initiative, max HP comes first in comparison. The Hero with at least 10 lower max HP goes first. If HP is equal, other parameters determine turn order as usual. Keeping turns fair maintains balance in battle.

Stay Alert to Avoid Quick Defeat

A bug counted a defeat after 4 AFKs instead of 2 and the patch has fixed that. Stay focused and keep your hands on the keyboard to avoid defeat! Twice AFK means a loss, so don’t step away too long, even for a quick break.

Optimizations and Smoother Navigation

Minor updates improve Sidus NFT Heroes while awaiting new functionality. These optimizations will make the current game a lot more fun as well. Additionally, finding your way between modules is easier with expanded navigation bars on the side. Also, the information is now a lot more accessible.

Better and Clearer Descriptions and Rules

Ambiguous item descriptions are also much better now to avoid confusion. Know exactly what each item does currently. Also, bugs around turn orders and AFK penalties are no longer there and battle works fine now.

Sidus NFT Heroes Update – Conclusion

The patch notes are here to help you stay updated with improvements to Sidus NFT Heroes. The platform is in better condition now, and you can see how the revamp will perform in the future. So, enjoy your time in the game and have fun.

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