Alien Worlds Launches Magor Summer Fest Event
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Alien Worlds Launches Magor Summer Fest Event

Alien Worlds is launching the Magor Summer Fest Event. This is a photography competition where participants will display their creativity. As the name states, the contest will combine elements of the summer season and the game. Although everyone can compete, interested individuals must join Alien World’s social media channels.

Details of the Alien Worlds Magor Summer Fest Event

The Magor Summer Fest is an event designed to see how people can combine the summer with Alien World. Participants will be required to share pictures of drinks and BBQ. However, it should be themed around the Alien World game. There are no restrictions, and people can employ their creativity as they deem fit.

This competition will begin on the 12th of July. Contestants have from this date till the 31st of July to submit their entries. The team will examine and score the submissions. After that, there will be an announcement on the 8th of August to reveal the winners.

To join this contest, individuals must send their pictures to any of the three Magor Custodians via a private message on Discord or Telegram. Try to check for the following names MjaM, Omer, or Cain. While sending in your pictures, ensure to send in your WAX Wallet address.

Alien Worlds Magor Summer Fest Safety Guide

Anyone experiencing difficulty can ask for assistance in the Alien Word Official Discord Server. However, they should beware of scammers and avoid sending their private information to anyone claiming to be a representative of the company. The team will never reach out to players first or ask them to share their personal data.

Speaking of winners, everyone who joins the Alien Worlds Magor Summer Fest will receive proper compensation. However, the best 10 entries will receive more rewards than others. The team is setting aside 16,000 $TLM for this competition.

Below is a breakdown of the prize pool:

  • 1st position: 3,000 $TLM
  • 2nd position: 2,000 $TLM
  • 3rd position: 1,000 $TLM
  • 4th to 10th positions: 500 $TLM each.

Details of the Alien Worlds Magor Summer Fest Event

Meanwhile, the remaining 6,500 $TLM tokens will be distributed among the remaining participants. This is because the team wants to recognize the effort of everyone that will contribute to this event. However, the announcement did not reveal the formula that the team will employ to distribute whatever tokens remain.

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