GensoKishi Going Offline for Maintenance on July 13th
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GensoKishi Going Offline for Maintenance on July 13th

On July 13th, GensoKishi Online will undergo a routine maintenance session to add new features, update current ones, and more. The purpose of these updates is to make sure that the platform stays fair and offers more quality than ever before. Read on to see the full details of this maintenance schedule.

Maintenance Schedule from GensoKishi

On July 13th, 2023, the game will be down for four hours so the developers can make some changes. During this time, people won’t be able to play the game. The ROND export function will be down for five hours instead of four. The official website will also be down for about 30 minutes.

Maintenance Details

The developers will make some changes to the game during maintenance. They will change the rules for withdrawing ROND. People will have to wait for three days before they can withdraw more ROND. The amount of ROND people can withdraw will also be based on the number of imported LR Fashion Equipment points. Also, the maximum limit will be 30,000. If people don’t have enough ROND, they won’t be able to withdraw any.

Replacement of Dragon Tower’s Limited-time Fashion Equipment

The “Raijin Dragon Wings” will be replaced with a three-color penguin-themed costume. It’s just for fun and won’t make the player’s character any stronger. People can get this costume until the middle of August by playing the game on GensoKishi.


Discontinuation of Limited-time Shop

Two shops that sell special items on GensoKishi will be closed for a while. People will have to wait until they open again. There is no information so far on when that will happen.

Reevaluation of Early Game Level Design

The game developers want new players to have more fun when they start playing. So, they will make some changes to the game. For example, the prices at Spirit Fountain will be cheaper until people reach Level 10. Also, people won’t lose as much experience points if their character dies before they reach Level 10. Finally, the equipment people get from Book Quests will be easier to use.

Balance Adjustments and Bug Fixes

Some things in the game will change to make them better. For example, two weapons will be stronger, and some mistakes in the game will be fixed.

The team behind Genso Meta is apologetic about this break in service and is grateful for your understanding on the matter.

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