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DEGO Partners with SecondLive to Host Finance Uniform Competition

DEGO Finance, a Decentralized Finance in the metaverse, has partnered with SecondLive, a play-to-earn, and virtual world, to kick off the Summer Vibes. To do this, the duo is launching the DEGO Finance Uniform Design Competition: What to Wear in DEGO Metaverse.

The competition invites creative designers from across the world to customize unique uniforms for DEGO Finance. The team at DEGO Finance will review all submitted designs. The winning design will become the official uniform of DEGO Finance in SecondLive Metaverse.

It is worth mentioning that SecondLive is a 3D virtual metaverse that aims to build a parallel virtual world based on Web3. A part of its envisioned ecology includes virtual merchandise and brand spaces designed specifically for each of its project partners.

What to Know About the Competition

Participants in the DEGO Finance Uniform Design Competition are required to create summer-themed outfits, such as bottoms, tops, and footwear for DEGO Finance using Gobeti, the Avatar Editing Tools from SecondLive.

Participants are to design one outfit each for women and men. There are no restrictions to approach or artistic style but contestants must only submit legal content.

What are the Rewards?

The prize pool for the competition is 2000 $DEGO. The rewards feature three levels of winners highlighted as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 550 $DEGO
  • 2nd Prize: 300 $DEGO
  • 3rd Prize: 100 $DEGO
  • 7 Creativity Prizes: 50 $DEGO each


What is the Timeline for the Competition?

The submission timeline for the design is between June 29 and July 8. The evaluation of submitted designs will take place from July 9 to July 12, and the results will be announced on July 13 at 12:00 pm UTC.

Participants must submit only their original works, and each contestant can submit multiple designs. Any player found to submit plagiarized designs will be disqualified.

What are the Rules for Submission?

The theme for the design is Summer Vibes, and all submitted works must have this theme. Participants must use SecondLive Avatar Editing Tools for their designs, and all unrelated works submitted will be disqualified for evaluation and award.

It is required that participants submit a full design of one set of outfits for men and one set for women. The outfit designs must include bottoms, tops, and footwear. Participants must submit their designs in 3D format.

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