Guild of Guardians: Migration to Immutable zkEVM for an Improved Gaming Experience!
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Guild of Guardians Discloses New Details about its Coming Migration to Immutable ZKEVM


  • Guild of Guardians migrates to Immutable zkEVM on March 4, improving security and efficiency.
  • Users must link their wallets to migrate NFTs and $GOG tokens and access rewards.
  • The migration eliminates in-game gas fees, offering a seamless experience.

The wait is over for loyal fans of the Guild of Guardians universe.

With an exciting announcement, the long-awaited migration to Immutable zkEVM, scheduled for March 4, 2024, has been confirmed.

This change marks a crucial milestone in the evolution of the game, promising an improved and safer gaming experience for all players.

The transition, meticulously detailed in previous releases, brings a number of significant benefits to the community.

First, security and efficiency are raised to an unprecedented level, combining the robust security of Ethereum with faster, cheaper transactions.

This ensures a more reliable and agile gaming environment for all Guild of Guardians participants.

Additionally, the migration presents an exciting opportunity for NFT and $GOG token holders.

For Guild of Guardians NFTs, it is vital to link the wallet to Immutable Passport via the player profile before March 4, 2024, 10am AEDT, to ensure a smooth migration.

On the other hand, a $GOG Migration Portal is being prepared to facilitate the transfer of tokens from Immutable X to Immutable zkEVM, promising a smooth transition for token holders.

Even more exciting news is the introduction of a rewards program for $GOG token holders as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

This initiative highlights the commitment of Guild of Guardians to their community, offering additional incentives to those who participate in the migration and maintain their balances on the new platform.

Lastly, the migration to Immutable zkEVM not only brings technical improvements but is also committed to providing a frictionless gaming experience for all players.

With the elimination of in-game gas fees, users can fully immerse themselves in the world of Guild of Guardians without worrying about additional costs.

The migration to Immutable zkEVM marks an exciting new chapter in the history of the game.

With technical improvements, community rewards, and a frictionless gameplay experience, the future of Guild of Guardians promises to be even more exciting and rewarding for everyone involved.

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