Gafin Guess Right Event
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Gafin Launches the Guess Right Event

Competition in the Valorant Tournament is heating up, and sponsors are offering more prizes to the reward pool. More so, the feedback from community members has been very positive. As one of the main sponsors of this contest, Gafin has decided to contribute to the competition. This includes launching the Guess Right event, whereby participants can win prizes by simply predicting gaming outcomes.

This is a fantastic initiative that will reward users for their passion. Before now, everyone supported their favourite team out of love and emotions. The most they got was a morale bonus or bragging rights. However, this guild is introducing better ways for GaFers to enjoy the best experiences. By simply guessing the winner, they stand a chance to earn cash, NFTs and other benefits.

Details of the Gafin Guess Right Event

Gafin GameFi Guild

The Gafin Guess Right Event will go live at 11:00 Am on the 27th of September. This will continue till the 2nd of October. During this period, the top 21 GaFers will be selected for the 2nd round and collect random prizes. By the 3rd of October, the team will announce the winners on the GaFin’s fan page and distribute rewards.

Speaking of the competition, it is open to everyone to participate. They can do so by following these steps:

  • Go to the voting site at:
  • Become a GaFer by registering a GaFin account.
  • Vote for the team that you believe will be the champion.

It is important to note that each GaFer is entitled to one vote. After casting it, you cannot change your support to another team. At the end of the event, there will be 42 winners in total. The first 21 participants will get the following compensation:

  • 1st position: 100$ BUSD + GaFin T-Shirt + Random NFT and Scholarship from GaFin
  • 2nd – 6th positions: 60$ BUSD/1 Person + GaFin T-Shirt + Random NFT and Scholarship from GaFin
  • 7th – 11th positions: 40$ BUSD/1 Person + GaFin T-Shirt + Random NFT from GaFin
  • 12th – 21st positions: 20$ BUSD/1 Person + GaFin T-SHirt + Random NFT from GaFin

Besides the first half of the players, the following rewards will be randomly distributed to the remaining 21 users:

  • A GaFin-themed T-Shirt.
  • One Random NFT from GaFin.
  • Random Netflix or Spotify vouchers.

Everyone is encouraged to vote for their favourite teams. Doing this will increase the squad’s chances of winning.

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