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STEPN Launches Sneaker Enhancement Special Event

A web3 lifestyle app with social and game elements, STEPN, has announced the launch of an in-app event, STEPN Around the World: Sneaker Enhancement Special. According to the platform, the event is to celebrate the international football competition this year and the game’s global users.

Highlights of the STEPN Around the World: Sneaker Enhancement Special Event

 The event is scheduled to launch on November 18 and runs until December 18. During the event, participants can perform Sneaker Enhancement for an opportunity to get a special Around the World Limited Edition Country Sneaker Skin. 

The web3 lifestyle app revealed it has earmarked a prize pool of 100,000 GMT for this event, and all participants are eligible for a share in the prize pool. Interested participants can find more details about the Sneaker Enhancement mechanics on the STEPN Whitepaper.

Details of the Prize Distribution

Sneaker Skins holders of a country ranking in the top eight are eligible to get a share of the 100,000 GMT prize pool. This is in line with the final 2022 football tournament ranking. The winner of the event will receive 50% of the prize pool, while the second place receives 25%. 


The third place receives 10%, and the fourth place receives 5%. Participants who made it to the fifth and eighth positions will receive 2.5% each. 

Details of the Event Rules

The STEPN team will randomly select Country Sneaker Skins among the thirty-two participating countries in the football tournament. These Country Sneaker Skins are tradable on the marketplace, and each account can collect multiple Sneaker Skins for the same country. 

If the country ranks in the top 8, the holders win the proportional GMT amount based on the quantity of Sneaker Skins they hold. According to the game platform, it does not matter whether you buy your sneaker in the marketplace or you enhance it. 

It further revealed there is a cap on the quantity of country sneakers participants can generate during the duration of the event. It is also worth noting that the special event is playable across Solana, Ethereum, and BNB Chain. STEPN has advised interested participants not to start enhancing their sneakers until the event opens at midnight on November 18.

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