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Kitsumon Announces the Private Land Sale

kitsumon has unveiled the details of its private land sale via a whitelist. There will also be another edition on multiple launchpads. They include Synapse Network, Liquidifty, Balthazar, DAOLaunch, Scotty Beam, Game Station, Babylons, Fantom Starter and Dare NFT platforms. The whitelisting will run from the 27th of September to the 31st of October.

This event will employ the mystery box format, and participants will mint a random plot. Each box contains a redemption card for unveiling your virtual property in the Kitsumon metaverse. Interested persons can join the whitelist by filling out this form before the 31st of October 2022. The $KMC token is the medium of exchange for both the private sale and public auction. According to the team, 20% of the funds from this event will be burnt, and 40% will be used for liquidity.

The team is opening a staking pool for the upcoming land sale. If you participate and use your funds to purchase a plot, your entire stake will be burned during the lock-up period and offer you better returns. You can only identify what they got after the land sales are over. Users who want to select their preferred real estate will have to wait for the public sale. Nonetheless, redemption is only possible when the Profession gameplay is released.

Different Plots in the kitsumon Private Land Sale

Different Lands in Terosia

Different plots are available in the upcoming Kitsumon private land sale. They include the following:

  • Plains: they are the safest and most common areas in the biomes. They allow you to experience professions without alterations.
  • Forest: these areas are rich in trees and perfect for farming.
  • Desert: they have rare rocks hidden beneath the sand. However, they are terrible for farming.
  • Oasis: this is one of the rarest biomes and the only place suitable for farming in the desert.
  • Snow: this region is difficult to start but rewards you high as you climb the levels.
  • Glacier: like Oasis to the desert, the glacier is a rare part of the snow biome. Besides the challenges and benefits, players will enjoy a fishing paradise here.
  • Swamp: the swap offers fertile soil and humid temperature that allows farming and fishing to thrive. However, players must deal with weeds and diseases.
  • Badlands: contrary to its name, this place is full of many treasures for gemstone enthusiasts. These challenging terrains are the best place for mining.
  • Beach: this area is perfect for fishing and farming but can be challenging regarding crafting and alchemy.
  • Stone: unless you want to become a master craftsman, the stone biome will be very challenging for you. Despite the harrowing farming experience, this place can boost your mining effort.
  • Moon Touched: while offering great farming and alchemy benefits, you must obey some strange rule that governs this sector.
  • Void: there is an eerie of emptiness about this place. However, it allows you to absorb neighbouring lands.
  • Forbidden Forests: the Gods of old rule these lands and will offer the most potent blessings to landowners who obey their rules.

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