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MOBOX Releases Clash of Moland Season 3 Game Update

A cross-platform gaming metaverse, MOBOX, has released new game updates and announced the Clash of Moland Season 3. According to the game platform, the maintenance of the Clash of Moland Season 2 will start on November 17 from 3:00 to 5:00 UTC.

The game will temporarily be inaccessible during this period. After completing the maintenance process, the platform will launch Season 3. In preparation for the Clash of Moland Season 3 event, MOBOX has released new updates to boost players’ gaming experience.

Highlights of the Clash of Moland Season 3 Update

Faction and World

MOBOX announced it will merge the factions into three in the new season. The three factions would be Neutral, Chaos, and Order. Lords within the same faction must unite to fight against other factions.

The team also revealed they adjusted some landscapes and will redistribute the world attributions. The platform also adjusted the Faction Switch to three times per season and the time limit to seven days. Additionally, it has significantly reduced the Faction Switch cost


MOBOX revealed it adjusted the alliance rules to simplify the cooperation of alliances with close contacts. Players can explore coalitions in the new season. However, only alliances in the same faction can form a coalition, and the maximum number of alliances that may form a coalition is six.


Conquest Ranking

Players can obtain Conquest Power from the City Siege event in different ways. First, players with a stronghold or city can continue to get Conquest Power for as long as they have a hold on the stronghold or city.

Players with a hold on a city or stronghold at the end of the event will obtain a remarkable amount of Conquest Power. MOBOX mentioned that players can not earn Conquest Power in any other way except through the City Siege Event.

Prestige Ranking

The game has adjusted the Prestige Ranking to entail statistics by faction. The top 300 Lords in each faction will get ranking rewards. At the end of this season, Lords in the Faction Ranking with the highest Conquest Power will receive an extra 20% reward.

Meanwhile, lords in the Faction Ranking with the lowest Conquest Power will have a 20% reduction in their rewards.

Highlights of Other Updates

MOBOX mentioned it added three new Legendary Heroes, Heimdall, Byrnhild, and Hela. It also fixed a skill bug duplicate effect and basic features of Dragon Slayer and Inferno.

Other updates include a reduction in the effect of DEF and ATK and an enhancement of the effect of Dealing Damage and Damage Taken. They also include an addition of a new building – a Wishing Pool, and a new function – Castle Butler.

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