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Axie Infinity Give Sneak Peeks at the Origin Ear Cards

In the build-up to the soft launch of the new ecosystem – Origin, Axie Infinity is revealing the Ear Cards. This release follows the earlier launch of the Origin Tail, Horn and Mouth Cards. It is also the first time that Ears will have their own set in the deck.

Details of the origin Ear Cards

Like with the others, Origin Ear Cards are dynamic and will change over time. This will be in line with feedback Axie collects from its community members. As such, players should not make any final decisions using data from this sneak peek. Speaking of community feedback, users did request high-resolution copies of the artworks.

Origin Bug Ear Cards

Without much ado, here are the Origin Ear Cards:


  • Friezard: It applies 1 Damage Boost and heals your Axie whenever it is used. This effect takes place 4 times to random members of your team.
  • Small Frill: Applies 3 Poison to all enemies and heal Axie for 30 HP.
  • Swirl: Shuffle 3 Confused into the discard pile of your opponent.
  • Sidebarb: Applies 2 Poison and Bleed to a random enemy for 4 turns.
  • Pagona: Applies Fragile for 4 turns.
  • Curve Spine: It targets an ally. If that ally is attacked, it applies Bleed to the attacker for the next 4 turns.


  • Nimo; You gain 1 Energy if your Axie’s HP is full when you use this card.
  • Tiny Fan: You gain 3 Damage Boost whenever you draw 1 card.
  • Gill: Your team gains 1 Bubble whenever you use this Axie.
  • Bubblemaker: Target an ally with this card and the ally will gain 2 Bubble.
  • Inkling: With this card, you can shuffle 1 Jinx into your opponent’s discard pile.
  • Seaslug: Cleanse 2 debuffs and gain 2 Cleanser whenever you use this card.


  • Zen: Your Axie Meditates when you draw Zen as your Initial.
  • Puppy: If this is your Initial, you can heal your team and remove 1 Curse from your deck.
  • Innocent Lamb: You get the Banish boost when you add 1 copy of this Skill Card.
  • Belieber: Randomly deal 3 hits when you use this booster. For every enemy you hit, you Gain 1 Rage.
  • Nut Cracker: All Nut Cracker cards will help you gain 6 Damage during battle.
  • Nyan: It helps you deal 15 bonus Damage against a Bleeding Enemy.


  • Clover: Enables you summon 1 Clover.
  • Rosa: This is an Innate card with the Banish boost. It helps you apply 2 Poison and Sleep to a random enemy for 2 turns.
  • Hollow: This Axie loses 75 HP while summoning a Trunk.
  • Lotus: This is also a skill card. More details about it will be revealed after the Origin launch.
  • Leafy: It randomly deals 2 hits. Also, it also consumed up to 3 Leaf and deals 5 Damage per Leaf consumed.
  • Sakura: It targets an ally and heals it by 10 HP during battle.

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