Axie Origin Mouth Cards
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Axie Gives Sneak Peaks at the Origin Mouth Cards

Earlier on Axie Infinity announced the introduction of cards to gameplay. Alongside plants and undead, players will be able to summon them during battle. It also gave peaks at the Origin Tail Cards. Following that update, the game is giving insights to the Origin Mouth Cards. Here are the details.

Details of the Origin Mouth Cards

Unlike the Tail Cards, Origin Mouth Cards there are fewer options in this deck. They include the following:


  • Kotaro: Deals 2 hits to random enemies. If it hit at least 2 enemies, you gain 1 Energy.
  • Razor Bite: Heal up to 50% Health Points (HP) of the unblocked Damage.
  • Tiny Turtle: Apply Stunned for 2 turns when an attack causes the target to lose HP.
  • Toothless Bite: Use this as your Initial card if you want to attack the furthest enemy.


Origin Mouth Cards

  • Mosquito: Heals 50% Hp due to unblocked Damage.
  • Pincer: Applies Bleed for 4 turns.
  • Cute Bunny: Applies Fear for 4 turns.
  • Square Teeth: Deals bonus Damage equal to the current shield when used as Initial card.


  • Doubletalk: If used as the initial card, it will apply sleep for 4 turns.
  • Peace Maker: It applies weak for 2 turns. If the target is already weak, it will deal 15 more Damage.
  • Little Owl: All little Owl cards gain 6 Damage in battle.
  • Hungry: Heals 15 HP if it is the Initial card.


  • Serious: It discards 1 card from your hand.
  • Zigzag: Heal 50% HP lost from unblocked Damage.
  • Herbivore: Will heal 15 Health points if it is the Initial cad.
  • Silence Whisper: It targets an ally.


  • Nut Cracker: All Nut Cracker Cards gain 6 Damage during battle.
  • Goda: the banish feature will shuffle 1 Void into your opponent’s pile of discard cards.
  • Axie Kiss: Targets any enemy. It also applies Death Mark for 4 turns to any Axie with a HP below 50%.
  • Confident: It targets an ally. Also, it Cleanse 1 debuff and grants 2 Rage .


  • Lam: Deal 20 bonus Damage to the Axie if it has HP of more than 75%.
  • Catfish: Heal 50% HP lost due to unblocked Damage.
  • Risky Fish: Applies Weak to the Axie for 2 turns.
  • Piranha: Applies bleed for 4 turns.

Similarly, this information above are mere insights to the actual cards. Development is still on and Axie Infinity will be using feedback from its community members. Therefore, it is advising players against making decisions solely using details from these sneak peeks.

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