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Wizardia Holds IGO Launch with MetaGaming Guild Today

Wizardia, a play-to-earn role-playing game, has announced the launch of its Public IGO on the MetaGaming Guild Launchpad. The event will take place on March 9 at 21:00 UTC and will open for 24 hours. The total allocation available for the public IGO is 500,000 $WZRD tokens

The community round price of the tokens is $0.12 per token. Interested participants will require $BUSD to participate. This can be purchased on Binance Smart Chain. There are two rounds to the Wizardia IGO on MetaGaming Guild.

What is involved in the Rounds of Wizardia IGO?

The first round focuses on allocations based on the staking tiers. This IGO is open to any participant who stakes a minimum of 5,000 MGG on the Launchpad. The tiered system guaranteed allocations based on the volume of $MGG tokens that you stake. Tokens available for the first round cover from Common to Legendary tokens.

$MGG NFT holders have the privilege to claim twice the allocations that are assigned to others. The second round of the IGO will be based on the volume of tokens remaining after the first round. This round is open to all participants and there is no limit to what individual participants can purchase.


How to Participate in the Wizardia IGO Event

  • Complete and pass your KYC through the provided link on the launchpad. Everyone, including qualified MMG holders, is required to complete the KYC to participate in the event.
  • Before the IGO sale, create your Solana Wallet Address
  • You can buy $WZRD tokens using BUSD on Binance Smart Chain. By the way, the public IGO will hold on to the BSC network.
  • It is important to put your Solana Address to qualify for the sale activity and to receive your tokens. 
  • $WZRD tokens will be deposited to the Solana Address you provide based on the vesting schedule
  • Stakers can purchase $MGG tokens throughout the whitelist period
  • MetaGaming Guild Launchpad only supports desktop MetaMask wallets.

More Details about Wizardia

Wizardia is a P2E role-playing strategy game online with unique NFTs. The game platform is built on three different gameplay, which are innovative turn-based combat, upgrade-based character progression, and player-decision-driven game evolution.

$WZRD is the utility token, which also functions as the in-game currency within the game. Every player that contributes to the metaverse gets rewarded and the tokens earned on Wizardia can be traded in the Marketplace.

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