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SnakeCity Announces Migration to The Swimmer Network

SnakeCity has announced the migration of its NFTs, marketplace and game modes to the swimmer network. This exercise will occur at 3:00 AM UTC on the 27th of September. Gameplay like Training mode/ Breeding/ Marketplace/ Boost will not reopen till 3:00 UTC on the 1st of October 2022. Following this process, there will be changes to the token, bridging and other details.

Before bridging your assets, you must customize your wallet to add this blockchain to your wallet. The new network information is as follows:

Below are the RPC URLs for the other blockchain networks:

If you want to track your transactions, you can use these explorers for the following blockchains:

Other Details of the SnakeCity Migration to the Swimmer Network

Bridging SnakeCity NFTs to Swimmer Network

When SnakeCity begins the migration process to the swimmer network, users will be able to bridge ERC-20 tokens both ways. This involves C-chain to Swimmer and Swimmer to C-chain. Players will receive $TOC while engaging in gameplay. However, they must use the ERC-20 token and migrate it back to C-chain before trading them for $USDT.

Before migrating your assets, claim all rewards at the old SnakeCity platform. This is essential is crucial to guarantee that you do not lose them.ย  Users can bridge up to 10 snake or egg NFTs in a single transaction. Kindly use this step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the transfer process. You can also reach out to the SnakeCity team for support at

Before engaging in this process, ensure that you withdraw your NFTs listed on the marketplace to your wallet. Only those within your inventory can be bridges. Once you complete this procedure, the items will be deposited on the game website within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the team only supports one-way NFT bridging from Avalanche C-Chain to the Swimmer network. In other words, you cannot transfer your assets back to Avalanche from the Swimmer network. Meanwhile, you can bridge your snakes and eggs without hatching them.

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