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Genopets Unveils In-App P2P Marketplace for Web3 Games

Mobile games based on blockchain technology are continuing to advance, and Genopets has released its version 0.9.1, introducing a revolutionary Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplace directly within the app. Since its inception in 2021, this latest update marks a milestone in Genopets’ commitment to empowering creators and players.

The most prominent feature of this version is undoubtedly the introduction of the P2P Marketplace, allowing players to directly purchase in-game items such as Upgrades, Boosts, and Cosmetic Crystals from other players within the app. This approach breaks away from the traditional model of acquiring items solely through a publisher, giving web3 players the power to influence the game’s economy.

This update positions Genopets as a pioneer in creating a player-led economy on mobile devices. Now, players without extensive knowledge of web3 or without wallets can actively participate in Genopets’ on-chain economy by acquiring upgrades directly in the in-app store. This shift democratizes the gaming experience, effectively connecting mobile players with the web3 economy.

Genopets Seeks Democratization Within Web3 Through P2P

Items purchased within the app can be crafted and listed for sale on Genopets’ web marketplace. Web3 players have the ability to list and sell items directly on the web marketplace, providing a more integrated and efficient experience.

Magic Eden collaborates to list and sell items in USDC, using marketplace fees to repurchase GENE, thus strengthening the token economy. Magic Eden remains a key partner for Genopets, and plans are in place to upgrade their markets to meet the latest standards.

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Genopets chose Solana as its platform, leveraging key elements from projects like Coinflow, Orca, and Phoenix. This choice ensures a smooth user experience, complying with the requirements of Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The platform aims to make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible to all players, regardless of their technical expertise.

The launch of the P2P Marketplace marks the completion of the long-anticipated Road to Market. As the Genoverse continues to evolve, more updates are expected to enhance adventures and interactions within the community. This version also introduces features such as the Augment Express Shop, the addition of items in the Specialty Shop, and an enhanced user interface in the Augmentation flow.

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