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The Sandbox Holds the GMAE Game Jam

The virtual gaming world, The Sandbox, is set to hold its GMAE Game Jam, which will include all eleven of its community members. This series of Game Jam is titled “Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening.”

What is the Game Jam all about?

This is a competition that requires that participants use The Sandbox Game Maker software to create an experience themed around The Sandbox community to show their personal GMAE.

Participants must feature community managers and live streamers in their entries. The experience you create must include all eleven staff models on the game metaverse.

What are the Prizes involved?

The prize pool covers a total of 15,000 $SAND and will be distributed among ten winners in the competition. The highlight of the distribution is as follows:

  • First Place: 6,000 $SAND
  • Second Place: 3,500 $SAND
  • Third Place: 2,000 $SAND
  • Fourth to Tenth Place: 500 $SAND each

When is the GMAE Game Jam?

The Game Jam is scheduled to start on June 27, 2022, and the deadline for the submission of all entries is July 17 at 3:00 pm UTC. The gathering of submissions and voting will begin on July 18 until August 7.

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Guidelines for Entries

Each participant must design their entry with the Game Maker software and the entry must include the original assets created by the participant. Your entry must have an element of playability to it, including mission and quests, among others.

All entries must be the original creators of the participants. Each entry must be unique and not copied directly from any existing projects. There may be similarities but should not be exact copies.

You are also not allowed to spam the gallery with several low-quality experiences in a bid to fit into the fourth to tenth position. If you do so, your entries will be disqualified. If you do not complete the submission steps appropriately, your entry can become ineligible.

The Sandbox staff will evaluate and judge all entries. For your entry, the game length must be at least five minutes and you must use a minimum of 25 assets. Make sure to follow the theme/storyline and your experience must be designed after the start date and not previously.

You must submit your entry through the given link, which is available through the official social media platform of The Sandbox.

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