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Decentraland Fashion Week Starts TODAY!

This week fashion freaks are over the moon as Metaverse Fashion Week returns! Spring is the peak fashion time, and Decentraland knows this fact.

The Metaverse Fashion Week begins on 28th March and ends on 31st March. Wonder why it is called “week” when it is just a three-day event. So what does this year’s Decentraland Fashion Week have for you? Let’s dive into the details to find out. 

About Decentraland MVFW

Decentraland curates this Fashion Week during the Spring/Summer Fashion season with the assistance of UNXD, a top-notch immersive art and culture platform, collaborating with OVER metaverses and the Spatial. The primary purpose of this fashion week is to let people experience the fusion of metaverse and digital fashion

MVFW 2023 Theme

This year’s theme for MVFW is “Future Heritage,” a smart choice for a theme to invoke a sense of cultural fashion in Gen Z creators by connecting to traditional fashion designers. However, Decentraland doesn’t want to alienate the next-generation creators or traditional designers; therefore, they have taken up the challenge to mix creators from the past and the future in this fashion week. 


Not only that, this event wants to connect innovation to tradition. Therefore, MVFW23 will play a vital role in bridging the gap between the fashion of the new and older generation. Additionally, this theme aims to promote the advances of Digital Fashion and Interoperability. 

Brands participating in MVFW23

Decentraland collaborates with the top designers in the world to bring MVFW23. This year’s designers are Dolce & Gabbana, along with Vogue Singapore and Tommy Hilfiger. Not only that, Adidas, COACH, DKNY, and Monnier Paris are also a part of this OG event! DUNDAS and Phygicode Dress, in collaboration with Rubin Singer, are also in this event. All these designers will showcase their talent this week in the Metaverse Fashion Week 23. 

Apart from these renowned designers, several other designers will also participate in this event to showcase their talent. 

Since the theme is on the future, those participating in this Metaverse Fashion Week 23 will witness these top designers’ work as virtual catwalks by the end of the event. 

The event began 12 hours ago, It is now LIVE, and you can participate on 29th March from 05:02 am to 04:02 am UTC+5. To jump in, visit the official website and find all the details there. 

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