MOBOX Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary Unveiling Some Significant Updates
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MOBOX Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary Unveiling Some Significant Updates


  • MOBOX celebrates its 3rd anniversary with important updates and gifts for its community.
  • A reduction in the issuance of $MBOX and MOMO will be implemented to promote sustainability in the ecosystem.
  • Significant annual MBOX burning has taken place, reflecting the platform’s commitment to the token economy.

In an increasingly digitalized world, the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem continues to grow and evolve by leaps and bounds.

A clear example of this progress is MOBOX, a platform that combines the excitement of games with the innovation of crypto technology.

Marking its third anniversary, MOBOX has announced a series of significant updates and generous gifts for its user community.

One of the most notable developments is the implementation of measures to reduce the issuance of $MBOX and MOMO tokens.

This strategy seeks to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the MOBOX ecosystem, maintaining a balance between constant innovation and economic stability.

Issuance will be reduced in several key areas, such as mining in the MOMOFarmer LP program, MOMO Mining Camp, MOHome Prosperity Mining, and rewards in MOMOverse DCS Fruit Trade, among others.

In addition to the reduction in token issuance, MOBOX has conducted a significant annual burn of MBOX tokens.

This action not only helps control the supply of tokens in circulation, but also demonstrates the platform’s commitment to the economy and the value of the token for its users.

As appreciation for the continued support of its community, MOBOX has prepared a generous anniversary gift

This includes a significant amount of $MBOX tokens, along with the chance to earn three legendary MOMOs, virtual boxes, NFTs and gems.

These gifts are not only a gesture of gratitude, but also a way to encourage active participation on the platform and encourage community growth.

With these announcements and gifts, MOBOX reaffirms its commitment to sustainable innovation and the continuous development of its ecosystem.

As the platform continues its path into the future, users can expect more exciting updates, events, and opportunities to participate in this exciting convergence between gaming and cryptocurrency.

Happy third anniversary, MOBOX!

May the celebrations and adventures continue on this exciting digital journey.

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