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Ragnarok: Monster World Joins the Ronin Network


  • Ragnarok: Monster World joins Ronin, expanding its universe into the realm of Web3.
  • The collaboration between ZERO X AND (0x&) and Gravity brings an immersive and collectible gaming experience.
  • The arrival of Ragmons as NFTs promises a new approach to gameplay and community interaction.

The universe of Ragnarok, one of the most iconic franchises in the world of video games, expands to new horizons with its incorporation into the Ronin ecosystem in the Web3 sphere.

The news of Ragnarok: Monster World and Ronin coming together brings with it a number of exciting elements that promise to change the way players interact with this legendary universe.

The collaboration between ZERO X AND (0x&) and Gravity, the license holders of Ragnarok, marks the beginning of an immersive and collectible gaming experience.

Ragnarok: Monster World combines elements of strategy with tower defense and the collection of Ragmons, creatures with unique abilities and appearances.

Players will be able to participate in exciting PvP battles, conquer guild territories and explore a universe full of challenges and adventures.

One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is the introduction of Ragmons as NFTs in Ronin.

These creatures will not only be an integral part of the game, but will also have value in the blockchain realm, allowing players to interact with them in new ways and potentially gain benefits outside of the game.

Ragnarok: Monster World Joins the Ronin Network

The union between Ragnarok and Ronin represents a bridge between traditional players and the emerging world of Web3

Combining the rich history and player base of Ragnarok with the technological innovation of Ronin creates a unique experience that can appeal to both fans of the franchise and new players interested in exploring the potential of blockchain in video games.

The addition of Ragmons as NFTs also signals a shift in the way games are perceived and played.

The ability to own and trade creatures within the game adds an additional layer of depth and customization, creating a more dynamic and engaging ecosystem for the gaming community.

The arrival of Ragnarok: Monster World on Ronin marks a significant milestone in the convergence between video game culture, blockchain technology, and the player experience.

With exciting innovations in gameplay and the integration of collectible items such as NFTs, this collaboration promises unmatched thrills and unique opportunities for all gaming and technology enthusiasts.

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