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Star Atlas Releases the Atlas Star Newsletter Issue #011

A next-gen gaming metaverse on Solana, Star Atlas, has released the latest Atlas Star Newsletter – Issue #11. The edition focuses on the highlights of the 426LIVE: NYK event, F-Kit, DAO Updates, and others.

Highlights of the First Star Atlas Metaverse Institution – The Star Atlas DAO

During the 426LIVE event, the team presented the Star Atlas DAO with a 30-page document referred to as the Sustainable Governance Framework. The paper presentation focuses on the vision for a key element of Star Atlas, which is the decentralized governance of the metaverse. The DAO covers three levels as enumerated below:

The Star Atlas DAO: This is the highest tier of governance in the platform’s project. It focuses on game development, treasury management, and monetary policy decisions.

The Faction DAO: This is the second tier of governance with three categories. Each belongs to a primary faction within the game and focuses on the management of its faction’s interests. These interests include warfare coordination, development targets, endgame content access, and faction territory tax policies.

The Regional DAO: This is the third tier and is responsible for the governance of a Star Atlas metaverse region like Star System. Landowners with Star System can vote on decisions, including monetary incentives and taxation, planetary restrictions on goods & services, and general local rules.

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Highlights of ATLAS Locker: The Interconnectivity of Game, Marketplace, and DAO

The ATLAS Locker is another highlight of the 426LIVE event. According to the game platform, its universe revolves around its game structure. However, players must explore its marketplace at entry and exit points for the game to function.

These interactions are necessary because players must acquire assets to begin their adventures in the Star Atlas metaverse. With this, the marketplace becomes the core of the Star Atlas economy. It aids commerce among players and allows the development of the primary supply chains necessary for the overall welfare of the galaxy in the future. 

The DAO funding is another critical feature of the platform’s economic relationship between the game and the marketplace. It receives a part of every in-game fee for trading in the market. 

Highlights of the F-KIT

The F-KIT is a new product and in-game software to enable users’ Solana wallets to connect instantly and participate in any gameplay transactions within Unreal Engine 5. That means users no longer worry about screen pop-ups when venturing into a high-risk zone. This significantly improves a player’s performance and overall in-game experience.

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