Sipher Unveils Major Updates in Closed Alpha
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Sipher Unveils Major Updates in Closed Alpha


  • New PvP Arena: The update introduces an all-new arena with 1v1v1, 2v2, 2v2v2, and 3v3 modes, taking the PvP experience to a chaotic and exciting level.
  • Elimination Rules: Players must eliminate monsters and opponents to earn points, strategically depositing them in the vault, adding layers of strategy and competition.
  • Key Improvements: The update includes a Custom Lobby, Spectator Mode and real-time statistics, providing a more personalized and balanced gaming experience.

In the latest Closed Alpha update for Sipher Odyssey, players are plunged into epic mayhem with the introduction of an all-new arena.

PvP combat has reached new levels of intensity, offering game modes such as 1v1v1, 2v2, 2v2v2, and yes, 3v3!

The call to form squads resonates, inviting players to take on rival teams and explore the chaotic experience the new arena offers.

The rules have changed in the arena action.

Now, the premise is clear: DELETE EVERYTHING! Players must get rid of monsters and opponents to earn valuable points and advance in levels.

But the task does not end there; It is crucial to deposit the points in the vault for accounting.

Competition intensifies as strategy and coordination become essential in this new environment.

The update also brings with it a new level of customization with the inclusion of the Custom Lobby.

Now, players can host private matches to practice with their squad or even host exciting professional matches.

Additionally, the long-awaited Spectator Mode allows you to join the battles as a trainer, commentator or simply as a spectator, adding a unique dimension to the game.

The addition of a real-time leaderboard allows players to track the performance of their teammates and rivals, displaying points accumulated, kill/elimination ratio, and total damage inflicted during combat.

The game has moved towards more refined balance with the introduction of a new hidden stat called “Resilience”, designed to reduce damage between players and prolong combats.

Sipher update doesn’t just focus on combat

Changes have been implemented that improve the overall game experience, such as the post-match transition in Arena mode and the Auto-Equip option in customization, making it easier to optimize equipment.

Despite these exciting additions, some known issues have been identified, from the game’s possible unresponsiveness on interruptions to visual issues in the Emporium store.

However, the community eagerly awaits future updates that address these challenges.

The latest update to Sipher Odyssey not only redefines the rules of the PvP Arena but also significantly improves the gameplay experience, offering players an exciting world of possibilities and strategic challenges.

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