MagicCraft Gameplay Update 4.22 Patch Notes
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MagicCraft Gameplay Update 4.22 Patch Notes

The 4.22 Update for MagicCraft is here, and we are sharing everything that you need to know about it. Let us dive right in.

New Features Added to MagicCraft

A minimap is there now that will help players explore the game world better and get better team play. VSync is also available in the game settings to make graphics performance better and ensure smooth visuals.

Gameplay Improvements

The inconsistency with the MVP definition is now gone. Display errors on email addresses are no longer there now. Player communication is also much better now, thanks to an update to the feedback link. Finally, the game database now also has instance server addresses in room info.

Balancing And Map Fixes

The update also fixes issues with abilities and attacks not working well for some characters. Bugs that let shots penetrate walls and characters going to areas they should not be able to reach are also gone. Additionally, Vega’s ultimate visual effects now work as they should too.

Matchmaking And Lobby Fixes

Bugs causing issues in matchmaking in some regions and errors on the ranked ladder are also part of the fix. Furthermore, group lobbies, server selection, and web lobbies are working fine now. Lastly, a bug where a player in a web lobby could join an empty room is no longer present either.

New Features Added to MagicCraft

Server And Connection Fixes

The update fixes a bug causing automatic server connections during update alerts. It also resolves issues with email logins and the login process, and the process itself is also much better now.

Display And UI Fixes

The first effect is now correctly showing on the PC HUD. Additionally, the issue with the game hanging on the map loading screen on Windows 11 is working now. The corrupt ranked league flags on PC are also showing correctly now.

Tutorial And Spectator Mode Fixes

The update fixes a bug causing errors when clicking the left mouse button in the CTP tutorial. The issue of multiplying warnings about a local player spectating is also no longer there.

Miscellaneous Fixes in MagicCraft Update

Finally, many other buggy items in gameplay, accounts, visual effects, and ranked adder are now working properly.

All these fixes mean that the platform is now a much better playing experience than ever before.

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