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Faraland Presents Skillshift

The popular Multiplayer RPG NFT online game, Faraland, is introducing new features aimed at improving the gaming experience of their community and addressing an ongoing issue they have had for some time.

Faraland introduces a new and exciting feature called SkillShift, also known as the Token Skill Book Function.

This new addition is designed to provide players with the ability to transfer skill books between heroes and enhance the level of the skill books they have acquired.

The purpose behind this feature is to address a long-standing issue that players have faced: the limitation in the quantity of skill books.

What is SkillShift and How Does It Work

The benefits of SkillShift are remarkable. Now, players can transfer the skill books they have learned from one hero to another, and even to the heroes of other players. This optimizes the use of valuable skill books and allows players to enhance their strategies.

The operation of SkillShift is simple. First, players must access the “Learned Skills” interface on their heroes. From there, they can select the skill book they want to transfer and choose the “Transfer” option. They must also select the required fee and provide the hero’s ID to whom they want to transfer the book.

However, there are some conditions for using SkillShift. Players must have Knight Tokens or Royal Tokens, which they can acquire through staking. Players must deposit these tokens in their fee-free wallet to take advantage of the SkillShift feature.

faraland skillshift

The Faraland player community well-received this addition as it provides them with greater flexibility and strategic options. SkillShift allows players to maximize the potential of their heroes and skill books.

Faraland continues to innovate and enhance the gaming experience for its community, demonstrating its commitment to player satisfaction and its willingness to address persistent issues.

SkillShift is an example of how the world of online gaming continues to evolve and offer new ways of fun and strategy.

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