ZOIDS WILD ARENA Joins Ronin Network: A New Era for Blockchain Gaming
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ZOIDS WILD ARENA Joins Ronin Network: A New Era for Blockchain Gaming

Ronin Network, a blockchain platform, is gearing up for a significant addition to its ecosystem, and it’s a piece of news that’s sure to excite fans of the iconic ZOIDS franchise. On November 8th, ZOIDS WILD ARENA will officially make its home on Ronin, ushering in a new era of gameplay for the beloved franchise.

ACT Games, the creative force behind ZOIDS WILD ARENA, is joining this migration as well, marking the beginning of an exciting partnership. The game studio will gradually migrate its entire portfolio to Ronin over the next year, further enhancing the platform’s gaming offerings.

What sets ZOIDS WILD ARENA apart is its integration of blockchain technology. This latest addition to the ZOIDS legacy is more than just a game; it’s a trading card game (TCG) where players collect and battle using cards representing ZOIDS creatures, which are a fusion of robots and animals.

Gamers create their 30-card decks and engage in turn-based PvP card battles, using strategy and tactics to reduce their opponents’ ZOIDS’ hit points to zero. The game’s dynamic mana system ensures that each card’s usage requires careful planning.

ZOIDS WILD ARENA introduces: Unit and Tactic cards

Unit cards represent the ZOIDS creatures and occupy positions on the battlefield, while Tactic cards provide skill-based moves to gain an edge in battles. It’s a blend of strategy and foresight, where successful gameplay hinges on the composition of your card deck.

Players will have various ways to obtain the cards needed to build their ideal deck. They can buy individual cards, 10-card packs, or deluxe packs containing thirty cards from the official shop.

Additionally, cards can be traded on the Mavis Market, and existing cards can be upgraded using Metal, an off-chain currency. The grading system adds an extra layer of depth, with higher-grade cards proving more potent and valuable.

Zoids Wild Arena Card BlockChain Game in Ronin

ACT Games, the developer behind ZOIDS WILD ARENA, has an impressive track record, having already created intellectual property (IP) games like Aggretsuko, which is based on the popular Netflix series.

They have successfully merged beloved brands with blockchain technology, and ZOIDS WILD ARENA is their latest venture into this exciting realm.

This news highlights the growing appeal of blockchain technology in the world of gaming. As Ronin Network continues to draw in renowned game studios, the platform is undoubtedly positioning itself as a frontrunner in the Web3 gaming space.

With ZOIDS WILD ARENA’s arrival, Ronin is on its way to becoming the ultimate destination for blockchain-powered gaming experiences. This expansion demonstrates the ongoing evolution of the platform since its inception, and the future holds the promise of even more diverse gaming experiences.

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