Axie Infinity Season 6 Begins with Amazing Awards in the 'Mystic Era'
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Axie Infinity Season 6: “Mystic Era” with Special Awards

Axie Infinity Season 6, known as “Mystic Era,” has officially begun, and players are already immersed in intense competition. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the main ideas and key details of this exciting news.

First, the success of the previous season, called the “Epic Era,” was celebrated and the players who fought with determination were congratulated.

Special recognition went to “@MeatValue” for securing first place that season, demonstrating the fierce competition in the game.

The “Mystic Era” Season in Axie Lasts Only 7 Days

Meaning players should be prepared for intense and exciting competition in a relatively short period. The main attraction of this season is the prize pool of 13,215 AXS tokens that players can compete to obtain on the leaderboard.

Furthermore, it is emphasized that players have the opportunity to earn even more AXS tokens if they manage to reach the coveted “Challenger” rank and if they own collectible “axies.”

Axie Infinity Welcomes 'Mystic Era' Season with 13,215 AXS Up for grabs

This reward system encourages players to refine their strategies and collect the right cards to succeed in the “Mystic Era” Season.

But that is not all; To add a special touch to the season, the exciting Halloween-related “Trick or Treat Contest” has been introduced.

In this contest, players can win ranked battles and spend their energy to acquire “Trick” or “Treat” chests. Those who collect the most of these chests will have the opportunity to participate in a special event, adding an extra level of excitement to the competition.

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