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Pegaxy Announces Four Swapping Campaigns

Pegaxy: Rush Races is preparing for an exciting transformation with the imminent Exchange Campaign, launching in just 24 hours.

This event, divided into four weekly phases, has the main objective of preparing players for the exciting news to come.

The first phase features carefully set boundaries to maintain a balance between users.

Successive events will introduce strategic restrictions to prevent players from quickly reaching their limits.

As we progress into the intermediate phases of the campaign, a nuanced shift occurs with the introduction of strategic constraints.

These limitations are designed to prevent players from quickly reaching their limits, encouraging a gradual and strategic progression in community participation.

Limits are specifically applied to provide a balanced experience.

However, the fourth and final phase will allow users to make unrestricted trades, providing a full opportunity to adjust their strategy.

In the initial phase, precise restrictions have been put in place governing the transfer of assets.

To illustrate, there are specific boundaries when it comes to exchanging converted chests and ancestral Pegas based on their respective races.

Pegaxy: Rush Races Sets the Stage for an Exciting Exchange Campaign

Even so, the transfer of VIS and the conversion of assets into points are unrestricted.

As the campaign progresses, these limits are relaxed, and in the final phase, there are no restrictions on any trading actions.

The transition in Pegaxy: Rush Races is presented as an exciting and strategic experience

These initial limits seek to ensure a balanced transition and handle potential issues efficiently, reflecting Pegaxy‘s attention to user experience.

Additionally, the Pegas Exchange FAQ provides clarity on the need to exchange old Pegas, the ability to receive a new Founder Pegas with the same bloodline but random base stats, and the transformation of Limited Edition Pegas into regular Pegas in Pegaxy: Rush Races.

Players should prepare for trading events, taking into account the initial limits and the gradual removal of restrictions.

The official information underlines Pegaxy’s attention to a balanced and smooth gaming experience, providing users with the opportunity to fully participate in the last stage of the campaign.

Get ready for action, as the racing in Pegaxy: Rush Races is about to take an exciting new turn for blockchain-games.

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