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Star Atlas Promises An Unprecedented Celebration in its Community Week

The Star Atlas community is about to embark on a unique celebration: Star Atlas Community Week. This event will bring together ONIs, Usturs, and MUDs for five days of festivities in the lands of Galia. Participants will have the opportunity to win various prizes during the event.

Star Atlas, known for its dedicated and dynamic community, was honored with the coveted Best Community in Web3 Games award for two consecutive years. This recognition highlights the community’s commitment, which played a crucial role in the ongoing development of the ecosystem. Through a constant flow of feedback in various community channels and the creation of content, tools, and projects under the Star Atlas IP Development Program, the community has contributed significantly to the flourishing of the metaverse.

In recognition of active participation, Star Atlas is gearing up to launch Community Week, a five-day celebration to be held on the official Discord channel from February 26th to March 1st. These events are designed to engage and entertain players and their Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs).

February 26th marks the start of the celebration with a live event hosted by the community team: Santi, José, and Dominic. This Discord event will include a variety of giveaways, news, and announcements to kick off the celebration. Everyone is encouraged to attend as details about subsequent events will be provided.

On February 27th, a special event is planned to create unforgettable moments for the community. On February 28th, the 100th episode of Atlas Brew, the community’s weekly program. Will be a special celebration full of surprises, gifts, and entertainment.

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Star Atlas Aims to Further Strengthen its Community’s Fortitude

On February 29th, the Council of Peace Assembly (COPA) will take place, highlighting the talented DACs of the metaverse. In this friendly competition, DACs will showcase the work they have done to contribute to the continuous development of the ecosystem, with prizes for participants.

The celebration reaches its peak on March 1st with the Joni Awards. Recognizing individuals who, through their dedication, pushed the boundaries of the Galia expanse. Categories include Community Member of the Year. Content Creator of the Year. Best Educational Video of the Year, among others. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges and the community. With the panel having a 20% weight and the community’s decisions carrying 80%.

Active community participation is essential. Those wishing to support their favorite members can do so through a form available from January 26th to February 9th. The event will further solidify the bonds that make this one of the best communities and an integral part of the metaverse.

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