XAI the Blockchain that wants to revolutionize the gaming industry will be listed on Binance
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XAI the Blockchain that wants to revolutionize the gaming industry will be listed on Binance

Renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance is ready to unveil its 43rd project on Binance Launchpool: Xai (XAI).

This innovative initiative introduces XAI, a gaming-oriented blockchain that operates on Arbitrum as its first layer 3 solution.

The platform aims to transform the video game industry, opening new opportunities for play-to-earn gamers around the world.

The Launchpool event begins on January 5, inviting users to stake their BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD assets in separate pools.

Over a four-day period, participants can earn tokens, offering an incentive for participation in this exciting adventure.

The subsequent listing of XAI tokens on January 9 marks a significant milestone, introducing trading pairs such as BTC, USDT, BNB, FDUSD, TUSD, and TRY.

This move positions XAI within the Binance exchange ecosystem, with the Seed Tag being applied to XAI for identification purposes.

Key details about the Launchpool reveal an allocated supply of 2.5 billion tokens, with 75 million (3% of the total supply) earmarked as rewards for Launchpool participants.

The initial circulating supply, estimated at 277,118,150 (approximately 11.08% of the total), highlights the scale of anticipated participation in this ecosystem.

Stakers participating in the BNB pool have the potential to earn up to 62,500, while the FDUSD and TUSD pools offer 7,812.5 each.

This allocation ensures a balanced staking model, with 80% of rewards reserved for the BNB pool and 10% each for the FDUSD and TUSD pools.

The vision behind Xai is ambitious but transformative

Built on Arbitrum technology by Offchain Labs, it empowers players to own and trade in-game items without the complexities of traditional crypto wallets.

Xai envisions billions of players participating in real economies within their favorite game worlds, heralding a new era of decentralized gaming.

Binance’s strategic focus on blockchain-powered gaming has seen previous projects like Fusionist (ACE) being welcomed as Launchpool’s 40th member.

The arrival of Xai further cements Binance’s commitment to fostering innovation at the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming, promising a paradigm shift in how we perceive and engage with digital entertainment.

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