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Genopets Presents its Treasure Hunt: The Golden Kippu Hunt

Genopets platform has unveiled details about its upcoming event, the Kippu Hunt, a third-generation treasure hunt set to begin on January 12, 2024. This initiative promises a unique, challenging gaming experience filled with exclusive rewards for participants, whether they are seasoned treasure hunters or newcomers to the Genoverse community.

The mastermind behind this event, Alkali, has designed a challenge that will take participants through a mental exploration filled with puzzles, codes, and riddles. The Kippu Hunt is not just a simple quest; it’s a five-week journey that will test the participants’ cunning and wit. The main theme of this edition focuses on vision, challenging players to go beyond the obvious and discover subtle details that often go unnoticed.

The treasure hunt will take place in three main stages: three weeks of puzzle-solving, one special event week, and one week dedicated to prize distribution. To begin, participants will use the Genovian Alphabet, emphasizing the importance of truly understanding what they see.

What to Expect in the Genopets Treasure Hunt?

During the hunt, participants will need to locate the Golden Kippu, strategically scattered throughout Genoverse. Quickly solving puzzles will not only demonstrate the player’s cunning but also allow them to accumulate more Kippu. After three intense weeks, B.L.I.N.K, the Binary Lottery Interface with Novelty Keepsake, will come to life and be eager to receive the Golden Kippu. By feeding B.L.I.N.K with these treasures, participants will have the chance to obtain rare and legendary items.

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Participation in the Kippu Hunt involves securing a place among the Genopets elite. With six levels of prizes, some of which include Augments and Cosmetics never released before, the event will culminate in the grand prize: the Alkali Moregon Eye, the first Ocular Augment in Genoverse.

Preparation is key for participants, who need to have 300 KI each week, SOL in their wallet, and a minimum of 11 GENE per wager with B.L.I.N.K. At the end of the event, players will decide how many Kippu to redeem with B.L.I.N.K., affecting the odds of winning better prizes. The suggested strategy is to make multiple wagers to increase the chances of obtaining the best rewards.

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