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Honor World Launches Honor Park

Honor World has launched the Honor Park. This is in line with their goal of creating an exciting gaming environment that incorporates enjoyable play-to-earn mechanics. While announcing the launch, the team also shared insights into the different aspects of gameplay.

To celebrate this product release, Honor World will be sharing 100 $USDC with 10 lucky participants. This will be done via a draw involving those who complete some simple tasks. Below are the steps to take and join this campaign:

  • Follow Honor World’s official Twitter handle.
  • Retweet the Honor Park announcement tweet.
  • Tag three friends to the tweet.
  • Submit your Arbitrum One $USDC address.

Distribution of rewards will take place on the 21st of March.

Features of the Honor Park

Honor Park Features

As mentioned earlier, Honor Park will offer exciting gameplay features. One of them is the Crystal Hunter. This will be the first game to be launched in this park. It involves players selecting 3 Heroes to take on adventures and earning summoned crystal shards as rewards.

Meanwhile, Crystal Hunter is not a new game. It is a player favourite and is well into the 23rd season. The team is adding it to this new launch because of its love and popularity among gamers. Furthermore, they will upgrade the UI, before inviting everyone to participate.

Another game that will be featured in this new release is Gems. The gameplay involves players mining for gemstones that are produced every ten minutes. This token is an ERC1155 standard NFT that can be crafted, traded or embedded into a Hero to increase its abilities.

As the second gaming, Gems will be integrated into the park by 4:00 UTC on the 20th of March. The first phase will only last for 7 days. Meanwhile, there will be a 2-day delay. After which players can now claim their rewards on the 22nd of March. Simultaneously, they will also be able to trade, craft and complete other related functions after retrieving their rewards.

Meanwhile, the team plans to introduce specialized skills like jewellery crafting, herbalism, and alchemy for players. Those who master them can go on more difficult adventures and earn bigger rewards. In addition, these users can also craft higher-level Gemstones that will help them on their journey.

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