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Chrono Games Rewards Winter Chest Holders

Earlier in December 2018, Chrono Games announced the sale of the Winter Chests. This sale will bring the Enjin network mainstream. Money from this sale will also give the proposed Forest Knight a huge boost towards realization. All these happened before the launch of Forest Knight in 2019. For supporting the Forest Knight project, Forest Knight is rewarding those who hold Winter Chest NFTs. It made this announcement via the Forest Knight Telegram Channel. Here are the details of this giveaway.

Details of the Winter Chest Reward

By 12:00 CET on the 2nd of January 2022, Forest Knight will take a snapshot of all the wallets holding digital assets. Knights holding the Winter Chests will get some the upcoming Polygon NFTs. Distribution will be according to the amount of Chests that you have. Considering that the game itself will take the snapshots, users do not need to do anything else. They will receive the Polygon NFTs in the wallets holding the Winter Chests. Although the snapshots will be taken on January 2nd, it is not yet clear if distribution will occur on the same day.

What is the Winter Chest?

Winter Chest Items

The Winter Chests are loot boxes containing exclusive Items backed by Enjin. To ensure it value remain, Chrono Games preserves the scarcity of these digital assets forever. There will be no other Winters Chests and each of the ones sold cost $25 as at when the sale went live in 2018. The chest is backed by 1 Enjin and they will fetch gold rewards during the off season. Therefore, holders of these boxes will continue to reap perpetual rewards for owning them. Through the sale of the chest, Chrono was able to add 50,000 ENJ to the in-game reward pool.

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to defeat the Skeleton Master, duel against other players in the arena, and fight bosses all while climbing the leaderboard. Forest Knight combines casual mobile gaming with blockchain gaming to deliver an amazing adventure, a captivating story, unique Heroes with special abilities and exclusive NFTs designed for every Hero.

The game has amazing features that focus on both PVE and PVP. In the realms of Forest Knight, NFTs are unique, exclusive, and powerful items that are designed for each hero. Their value depends on their rarity and strength. The rarer, the less there are, with some categories of NFTs having only 10 in existence. Currently these NFTs can be weapons, accessories and skins, but we plan on adding many more unique collectibles in the future, such as pets, land, and much more

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