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Heroes of Mavia Releases a Complete Mavia Land NFT Minting Guide

Heroes of Mavia, a play-to-earn metaverse, has released a comprehensive guide to walking users through the minting process of the Mavia Land NFT mint. The game platform has advised players to only mint, stake, and sign transactions through the official website.

Heroes of Mavia emphasized that it will not offer its NFTs on any other platform. That means any website claiming to offer Non-fungible Tokens from Heroes of Mavia is a scam.

Highlights of Mavia Land NFT Minting Event

The first minting event for Mavia Land NFT will start at 10:00 am EST on March 4. There are two phases of the minting process. The first is the whitelist sale, which lasts for 72 hours. All whitelisted and pre-sale users can mint their guaranteed allocations during this time without worrying about any gas wars.

However, whitelisted and pre-sale users that do not mint their allocation during this window period will have their allocation moved to the public sale stage. The public sale is the second stage and it allows each user to mint a maximum of five commons, five rare, and five legendary lands.

Anyone can mint these lands and it is worth noting that this stage has been designed to sell pretty fast. The public sale will start at 10:00 am EST on March 7.

heroes of Mavia

How to Mint Mavia Land NFT

Step 1: Create a Mavia account by connecting your Crypto wallet. The supported crypto wallets include Coinbase Wallet, TrustWallet, and MetaMask. After connecting your wallet, choose a unique username. This username can be changed whenever you want.

Next, fill out the captcha anti-bot form and click β€œCreate Account”. It will prompt you to sign with your wallet to confirm your ownership. You will receive the β€œaccount was created” notification after the successful completion of the registration.

Step 2: Go to the NFTs page in the header navigation and click β€œView Land” under Land NFTs. This will direct you to the minting page.

Step 3: Select the type of NFTs that you want to mint, including Common, Rare, and Legendary. Your whitelist status may determine the type of Land NFTs that you can mint.

Step 4: Pay the fee and confirm your transaction to initiate the mint transaction. Wait until the transaction is complete before you exit the window.

After the transaction, you will see a short slideshow that details your new Land NFT. That is all! You have successfully minted your Land NFTs.

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