The Sandbox Playboy Party People Collection Sale
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The Sandbox Announces Playboy Party People Collection Sale

The Sandbox has announced the date of the Playboy Party People Collection Sale. This drop commemorates Playboy’s 69th birthday and is inspired by the guests who resurrected the legendary playboy parties.  Like prior NFT releases, these non-fungible tokens will also feature their experiences. The update comes after the unveiling of the Alpha Season 3 leaderboard.

Details of The Sandbox Playboy Party People Collection Sale

The Sandbox Playboy Party People Collection will begin with a public sale on the 6th of December, 2022 at 2 pm UTC, 6 am PST or 9 am EST.  However, individuals holding Playboy Rabbitars will be included in a special allowlist. This allows them to purchase these NFTs 24 hours before the general sale – on the 5th of December by 2 pm UTC, 6 am PST or 9 am EST.

Below are the assets to obtain and become eligible for the private sale:

  • Playboy Rabbitars
  • Playboy NFT Art Collections
  • The Sandbox LAND
  • The Doggies Avatars
  • People of Crypto Avatars
  • Steve Aoki Avatars
  • Kuniverse Avatars
  • Project Members

Interested investors should obtain these unique non-fungible tokens because there will be a wallet snapshot by the 2nd of November to identify those to be included in the particular list. These special individuals can mint up to two avatars per wallet. On the other hand, buyers who participate in the general sale can mint up to 4 avatars per wallets. Meanwhile, The Sandbox did not state restrictions preventing those in the allowlist from partaking in the general sales.

There are currently 1,969 digital assets in this drop, and each item goes for 100 $SAND. 38 units are reserved for marketing purposes involving Playboy and The Sandbox. The 5 different rarity levels include: Common, Rare, Epic, Unique and Legendary. There will also be 10 1:1s. Users can visit the Sandbox Marketplace on the 5th of December to learn more and mint their items from this collection. The avatars will be revealed within 48 hours after you mint them on OpenSea.

How to Participate

The Sandbox Playboy Party People Collection

For those interested, follow these steps to participate in The Sandbox Playboy Party People Collection Sale:

  • Create an account on The Sadnbox platform.
  • Buy the required amount of $SAND needed to purchase as many NFTs as you desire. Also, purchase some $MATIC (Polygon Coin) that you need for paying gas fees. If you have existing $SAND on the ETH mainnet, you should bridge it to the Polygon mainnet to enable you use it.
  • Connect your account to the platform and visit the Avatar collection site.
  • Click on the “Mint” button to retrieve your Avatar.

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